"Enhancing young lives"

Tour de Sez 2014 - Glorious arrival into Paris

Tour de Sez 2014 - Glorious arrival into Paris

Towards the end of 2013 the Sarah Groves Foundation was established as a not-for-profit, registered charitable trust in Guernsey with the aim of fulfilling Sarah's own ambition in life - to enhance the lives of young people, especially those less fortunate than herself. Our philosophy is to achieve this in two ways – in the way we raise funds and in the way we distribute them.

We organise and support life-changing fundraising initiatives. We encourage people from all walks of life to take on challenges that they wouldn't normally consider or that wouldn't normally be available to them. After all, life begins outside your comfort zone. 

Mission accomplished - the high spot of the adventure up Kilimanjaro

Mission accomplished - the high spot of the adventure up Kilimanjaro

How do we raise funds?

In 2014, fifty cyclists rode from St. Malo to Paris and back raising a magnificent £60,000 in the process. In the same year, twenty-six climbers, including Sarah’s father, successfully conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro in commemoration of Sarah’s own ascent exactly two years before. That highly emotional expedition, in which some of Sarah's ashes were spread at the summit, raised a further £40,000. For both the above events, the lasting friendships forged and the sense of achievement felt by all concerned was immeasurable. 

In 2016, 63 cyclists, accompanied by 12 support crew and 6 vehicles, each successfully completed 650 miles between Guernsey and Bilbao, Spain. Final figures are yet to be confirmed but it is anticipated that net funds raised will be just shy of £200,000. An incredible effort by all involved.

In addition to our official events, many people have raised money for the Foundation under their own initiative; running marathons and half-marathons in London, Chicago, Amsterdam, South Africa and the Marathon des Sables in North Africa; undertaken triathlons; taken part in long distance walks and many other events besides.

We always welcome ideas and suggestion on potential fundraising initiatives; big or small. We can also provide guidance and support when needed. If you're interested in raising funds on our behalf – either as part of one of our expeditions or by way of a personal initiative – contact us. Details of all our previous and upcoming fundraising events can be found here.

An example of Sarah's creativity

An example of Sarah's creativity

Where do we invest funds?

We're frequently asked about what we do with the funds we raise. To date we've invested in a variety of projects, each one specifically designed to directly enhance the lives of young people, predominantly in Guernsey. We work very closely with local child/youth oriented non-profit charities and commissions to deliver life changing opportunities and experiences within our local community.

The projects we support must match with very specific criteria in order to successfully secure our funding, ensuring maximum benefit to young people from all funds spent. These guidelines and criteria are frequently reviewed and are what helps define the Foundation, creating both a clear direction whilst allowing for a natural evolution.

You can check out exactly what we've achieved to date here!

Finances & Accounts

We are firm believers in transparency and, as such, we publicly release our accounts. Details of our audited accounts can be found here.