Dal Lake in Kashmir, India

Dal Lake in Kashmir, India

The events surrounding Sarah’s death are shrouded in mystery.  What is clear is that she was brutally stabbed to death on board a houseboat on Dal Lake, Kashmir in the early hours of Saturday 6th April 2013.

A Dutchman, Richard de Wit, fled the scene and was arrested some hours later in a taxi.  He was subsequently charged with Sarah’s murder. The trial started in June 2013 and de Wit pleaded ‘not guilty’.

Unfortunately, after almost 4 years very little progress has been made. As at March 2017, the court had attempted to sit on 90 occasions, of which only 24 resulted in any progress being made and, of the 46 witnesses listed on the Charge Sheet, only 23 had been processed. The manner in which the case has been conducted is a disgrace and is now the subject of a formal complaint to the authorities by Sarah’s parents. The case is on its third judge, its second public prosecutor and the accused has fired his legal team on four occasions.

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The case to date


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There are serious question marks about the way in which the original Police enquiry was handled and the evidence laid before the court to date is flimsy to say the least.  Sarah’s parents are desperate to find the truth about what happened that night.  If you have information that is relevant, please get in touch – in total confidence and with a guarantee of anonymity -  with Sarah’s father (VicGroves@Outlook.com) or via the Justice for Sarah Facebook page which is administered by Sarah’s closest friends. We have recently added a Justice for Sarah page here.

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