State of India versus Richard de Wit (64th hearing)

Released by Vic Groves, Wednesday 10th February 2016 from Guernsey for Immediate Use

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Wednesday 10th February 2016 represented the 64th occasion upon which the court has convened to hear the above case.

The purpose of today’s hearing was to establish who the accused, Richard de Wit, had appointed as his lawyer following many weeks without representation during which period no progress in the case itself has been possible.  The last witness was processed on Tuesday 29th September 2015 – four and a half months ago! It was immediately after then that he dismissed his legal team who were based in Delhi.

Reports coming out of Srinagar today indicate that the matter has not been resolved and that no-one has yet been appointed.  The judge has now issued an instruction for the matter to be settled over the next 48 hours and has set the next hearing date for Friday 12th February.

Since his arrest in April 2013, until now Richard de Wit had not been visited in jail or accompanied into court by any members of his family.  On this occasion, a Dutch human rights lawyer and his assistant accompanied Richard de Wit’s mother and eldest daughter into court for the first time.  It is understood they will be in Srinagar for the remainder of the week with the predominant aim of resolving the question of legal representation.

The matter will become very serious if not resolved by Friday.

For further information, please contact Vic Groves on or on mobile +44 7781 156743.

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