It has been confirmed that a new Public Prosecutor has been appointed in Sarah's murder trial.

Significant pressure has been applied for some while to replace the existing Public Prosecutor, who has been immensely ineffective in ‘prosecuting’ the case.  He has also been extremely difficult to communicate with.

The pressure referred to culminated in a series of letters being sent by registered mail two weeks ago from the court in Srinagar under our name to all the most senior legal and political figures in Kashmir.

The reasons for the existing Public Prosecutor’s departure are, as yet, not confirmed.

For the record, this will be the third Public Prosecutor in the case to date.

The next scheduled hearing date is set for this coming Saturday, 21st January 2017.  The British High Commission are unlikely to be able to report back on this hearing until Monday 23rd January although we may receive information from another source on the day.

A further release will be issued as soon as possible.