28th December 2016:

This media release refers to the 85th scheduled hearing of the above trial.  It is last one scheduled for 2016 during which 23 hearings were scheduled, none of which recorded any progress whatsoever in the trial itself.

We have received the following communication from the Foreign Office in London:

Frustratingly, although Delhi have managed to talk to the Prosecutor he refused to confirm whether the court had sat today or not, and asked that we call him again tomorrow.

Sadly, this is what we are up against – a total lack of respect for the trial and everything it stands for.

Our thanks go out to everyone who helped to raise the profile of this case within the UK media following the release put out on December 13th.  Since then we have received many offers of support, some of which have already resulted in some very good publicity on ITV, BBC local radio and the UK national press.

We would also like to thank everyone for continuing to support us in what has become a seriously protracted news story.  We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you will continue to support the aim of achieving ‘Justice for Sarah’.

UPDATE 29th December 2016:

This media release provides further information about the hearing scheduled for yesterday.

According to a communication received from the Foreign Office in London, the hearing did not go ahead as planned because the accused, Richard de Wit, has failed to re-appoint any form of legal representation acceptable to the court.

The next court date has been fixed for Saturday 21st January 2017.

A further release will be issued if relevant information is received.

For further information now: 07781 156743