The Justice for Sarah campaign was started by, and is run by, some of Sarah's closest friends, with the consent of Sarah's family. It is completely separate from The Sarah Groves Foundation. The principle aim of Justice for Sarah is to raise awareness of the Trial in India, put pressure on the Indian Government by raising awareness of the Trial to the public, and also to try and fundraise some money which will help Sarah's family to pay for some of the costs in the judicial process, which could end up being well over £50,000 over a 5+ year period. As her friends, we feel that helping her family is the least we can do to help. And we will not rest until there is justice for Sarah.

All content and information posted on our Facebook page regarding the ongoing trial is to the best of our knowledge. The aim is to spread the campaign to get Justice for Sarah, as the Trial in Kashmir could collapse, which means whoever committed this horrendous crime wouldn't get caught. We also provide you with links to what you can do to help the cause.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Sarah

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Sarah

The Trial can be influenced significantly by hiring some lawyers familiar with the justice system in Kashmir. They know how new evidence can be introduced and they can make sure the right questions are asked in court. They represent the very best way of finding out what really happened that terrible night and of securing a safe conviction - whether Richard de Wit or someone else.

They are not based in Srinagar but some distance away and it costs money for them to appear in court each time. If we can all find a way of contributing to this - whether it is by a small donation or even just sharing the #justiceforsarah campaign, then we will be able to help get justice for Sarah. Meanwhile Sarah's family will continue to fund matters as best they can, but the help and support of people around the world will help enormously. Together - we can make a difference. 

About £50,000 will be needed to pay lawyers and cover the costs of this fight for justice, and anything we can fundraise will be better than nothing at all - and if we can do something to help the process of justice then we know many of you will join the #justiceforsarah campaign! 

There are different ways in which you can donate money towards the justice for Sarah campaign. For example, we now have Justice For Sarah wristbands available to buy. Please message us on Facebook if you are interested.

We endeavour to bring you informed updates of the trial together with our own concerns. Newspapers are not always accurate and we want to make sure the correct information is out there for the public to make their own informed opinions by being presented with the facts surrounding this case.


Please sign our petition and help us get justice for Sarah.